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Banana Bath Bomb Cupcake with Pink Meringue Frosting

Starting with the banana fragrance bath fizzy (bath bomb) made with simple ingredients, that when combined with bath water make for a fizzing, spinning bath experience filled with luxurious oils such as Coconut oil, Shea butter, Almond Oil, Epsom Salt, Corn Starch, Powdered Goat Milk, and Citrus Fruit Acid.

FROSTING: I chose the fluffy and heavenly, Meringue Frosting made with Cream of Tartar, Powdered Sugar and Meringue Powder. When it comes to bath and body, Meringue Powder is made primarily from dried egg whites and cornstarch. When Powdered Sugar and water are added, the powder forms a fluffy, stable frosting.

Directions: Once the bathtub is full of water based on your comfort, drop the bath cupcake in the water carefully and allow to bubble, spin and fizz, releasing all of the beneficial oils. For those who prefer not to use the meringue frosting due to possible allergic reaction to the egg whites or sugar in bath water, you may remove the top and discard or allow to float in the bath tub dissolving slowly to a creamy consistency. Made with glycerin cherry and a sprinkle of skin-safe cosmetic iridescent glitter.

NOT EDIBLE  Listing is for 1 cupcake


Bath Bomb Cupcake with Pink Meringue Frosting
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