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Glass Paperweight, Newspaper and Bumblebee Print Design and Writing Pad

I adore paperweights and cannot resist when I see one. Paperweights for many years and during the 19th century have been viewed as a luxury item when handwritten letter writing was appreciated as the only method of translation while all along holding down the many stacks of paper from the windy draft of the comings and going’s of the day. Paperweights are now considered as collectibles whereas they were not in the top of the most important of glassware and only considered a need and a purpose. In the 20th century, the paperweight and the art in making them have been challenged to a more advanced technique and are quite inspirational allowing such artists to expand and showcase their exhibits. Therefore although just a paperweight itself, with no frills or complex designer stamp of glassmaking approval, thus a paperweight to your liking and mine. 

Glass Paperweight,Newspaper and Bumblebee Print Design and Writing Pad

Glass paperweight 10 oz. 3" inches in diameter. Flat black felt bottom

Bumblebee writing pad 150 sheets 14 oz. Length 8" inches Width 6" inches 

Glass Paperweight Newspaper and Bumblebee Design
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