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Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil

Listing is for 1 (14 oz.) bottle

Glass Round Bottles with Foil Lined White Cap

Height 7” Width 2.75”

Hemp-Up Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil
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Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil

A light aroma of aromatic oils complimenting the effects of a well-balanced blend of healing properties. Aromatic oils that are uplifting, lessen tension, stress and promote a positive outlook and well-being.

Fragrant with citrus, a touch of floral, a combination of clary sage which grounds and balances our emotions, helichrysum, a member of the sunflower family, a healing plant providing peace and tranquility. Promoting healthy skin cell growth and regeneration. Vetiver, native to India, notable for antiseptic and immune stimulating qualities. Frankincense oil has also been added with transmitting messages of influence improving memory, relaxation and connection. An essential oil combination delicately chosen for peace and harmony, healing and health immunity.

With brilliant anti-inflammatory properties and valuable antioxidants, Hemp Seed Oil helps skin cells regenerate and prevent pre-mature aging. Penetrating quickly into the skin with a light texture. A combination of Apricot Kernel Oil and Safflower make for a perfect relationship.

Refined Hemp Oil, obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant, specifically made with pretty amazing health benefits. A great choice for relaxing muscles and relieving joint pain. Hemp Seed Oil when applied to hair provides an impressive ratio of omega 6 essential fatty acids conditioning, balancing and highly moisturizing keeping skin and hair in optimal condition.

Let’s not forget Apricot Kernel oil rich in vitamin E and K known to reduce dark circles, nourish skin deeply reaching blood cells and when applied to the hair and scalp strengthening weak hair strands and promoting healthy follicles.

Safflower Oil derived from the seeds of the Safflower plant, a relative of the Sunflower, responsible for soothing skin and providing radiance to skin and hair. Eliminate dandruff and supports hair growth. Also, a perfect choice for preventing joint inflammation and stiffness.

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Directions: Skin nourishing and aromatic oils compliment the effects of a well-balanced blend of healing properties.

Aromatic bath: Add 2 tablespoons to warm bath water after the tub is full. Swirl water to ensure dispersion. Soak, sooth and unwind for therapeutic healing. Recommended 10 to 20 min. If more oil is required, add another Tablespoon in intervals of 10 min.

Message into the skin: add 1 teaspoon to the palm of your hand after bath or any time to nourish the skin. This light non-greasy oil is fragrant with a therapeutic aroma creating a gentle pleasing scent while contributing to healing. You many also warm the oil to the touch. Massage into skin in areas needed allowing the essential oil benefits to reach areas of importance.

Safety: Take care when entering or exiting the tub as oils may be slippery. When using in bath or messaging oil into the skin, read ingredients for carrier and essential oils as they should never irritate or burn the skin. For skin sensitivities, a patch test is always recommended before adding oils to the bath. Citrus oils or essential oils with peppermint may tingle the skin, but will disappear quickly. For sensitive skin, take note to any carrier oils that are derived from nuts. Perform a skin patch test before using.

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