Cuban Mahogany Charcuterie Board with Turquoise Resin Inlay

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Cuban Mahogany Charcuterie Board with Florida Keys Turquoise Epoxy Resin Inlay

A beautiful, custom, hand cut, wood charcuterie board with colorful turquoise epoxy art resin inlay. All handmade from our shop, with Cuban Mahogany, from the lower Florida Keys.

I adore taking photos and presenting handmade soap on one of these unique, one-of-a-kind, luxury cutting boards, but why do we need one?
What are Charcuterie Boards? Sharr-Koo-Tree

In interest of finger foods, hand selected and dressed to your personal liking on a fine cutting board often serves as a conversational platter before a meal and as a starter with a glass of wine, good friends and family and an ice breaker for everyone to gather, enjoy and settle in for a wonderful meal.

The way you prepare a charcuterie board is entirely up to you. Just have fun with it by adding layers of items such as prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, sausage, Artisan cheeses including brie, gouda, and muenster, maybe red grapes, sliced apples, and assorted olives, pickled peppers, nuts, honey, bread and crackers.

A very generous housewarming or wedding gift, functional for presenting dramatic food displays, countertop and kitchen decor. The design was specifically cut with a 7" handle with turquoise epoxy ring inlay for hanging on kitchen wall hooks or simply display on counter or backdrop. Smooth, sanded finish.

Polished with 100% Natural Coconut Oil with Rice Wax.
Listing is for 1 board
Net weight 3 lbs. 13 oz. Length 23" width 10.5" thickness 1"