Hydrosols are gently steamed plant waters derived from both dried and fresh leaves, flowers, fruit rinds of orange, lemon, lime and on numerous occasions cucumber, which all provide an array of healing properties. During the process, water vapors rise up from the steamed plants, stems and leaves while grasping beneficial minerals with natural essential aromas that are emotionally therapeutic in its purest form. Hydrosols are wonderful enhancers for lotions, creams, facial masks, hair care and more.

Pure hydrosols do not require any assistance of additional flavors, colors, alcohol or additives. The essential oils from the distillate are softer, subtle and gentler than bottled essential oil due to the high volume of water content to extracted bark, twigs, roots, petals, herbs and flowers. The micro-droplets of plant components respond uniquely with each person to balance the external condition of the face and skin. Hydrosol waters are safe to use as needed any time of day. 

Hydrosols make a wonderful toner locking in moisture. Spitz a few times a day keeping skin plump, hydrated and rejuvenated. Use after shower and before applying makeup, mist again to keep makeup in place and looking natural. Remove excess makeup remaining after washing your face by applying hydrosol to a cotton pad and gently massage. Hydrosol’s sooth irritated and dry skin, soften and tone, help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Spritz on a hot summer day, after a visit to the beach, a refreshing mist after workout or during a mid-day crunch at the office.