Dried Fruit Herbs Vegetables and Potpourri

Perfect for fillers in Potpourri. Set a large handful in a glass bowl for home decor in just about any location of the house. The fragrance of dried fruit and vegetables baking in the oven slowly, just makes home feel warm and welcoming. Excellent for the soap maker who enjoys topping off handmade soap with a little citrus embellishment.

Decorative all year long in baskets, dangling from the Christmas tree with hemp twine and tiny bells, ornamental on presents adding cinnamon sticks, ribbon, baby pine cones and acorns.

Add to potpourri with rosemary, clove and star Anise. Add a spritz of your favorite essential oil or leave fragrant naturally. Create unique napkin rings or simply enjoy as a centerpiece. Create an every day door or fireplace swag by sewing dried oranges, cinnamon sticks, ribbon, large whole dried limes, and bay leaves through hemp twine and knotted end loops.