Bromeliad Planter Pots

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Bromeliad Planter Pots

Hand painted glazed pots. Low planter with bromeliad shape and design. Sage green and brown with mint details and another with barn red markings. Low bowls are popular for small plants and succulents. Perfect for pansies, petunias, basil, rosemary, lavender and thyme along with other herbs and cactus and even small bromeliads. Saucer already attached and small ¾” drainage hole. For indoor and outdoor use.

Bromeliads are a slow growing plant in the perennial family. They grow in bright, indirect light. They are native to tropical and subtropical environments. Similar to an orchid, but more tolerant to temperature, water and surrounding conditions. Some may compare the bromeliad to the pineapple in the way that it grows. The bloom cycle of the bromeliad is determined by the species and other care and environmental considerations. They can easily grow indoors or attached to trees.

Common varieties are colorfully variegated, with thick foliage that grow in a rosette of bright red, yellow, orange, purple and pink sending up a stalk often with small flowers. The silver vase bromeliad is one of my favorites, known botanically as Aechmea fasciata.

Listing if for 1 planter pot Choose (Sage Brown & Mint) or (Sage Brown & Red) (Dried hand baked Grapefruit 20 slices)
Net wt. 2 lbs. 9.2 oz. Height 4.5” width 6¼” depth 4 1/8"