Dried Greek Oregano Leaves

Dried Greek Oregano Leaves

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Dried Greek Oregano Leaf

With a passion for cooking, it’s always a pleasure to come across a fresh culinary herb such as Greek Oregano that not only has a sweet, savory and earthy aroma with a mild taste, but knowing this hearty, flavorful spice can be used in so many ways. Originally from a large bundle, the oregano was dried and the leaves crumbled retaining maximum flavor so you may ground them some more over your desired dish.

Most cooking herbs tend to lose their flavor when dried, but oregano stands alone. The choice of fresh or dried, depends on what you are making. As a garnish, fresh oregano makes a beautiful presentation while dried is frequently used during the cooking process. Either way the flavor does not disappoint. Add to sauces and the topping for homemade pizza, a light sprinkle on salads, add to soups and marinades, infuse in pure olive oil and vinaigrette.

Oregano, in addition to being used for its many vitamins and minerals, this herbal supplement has been known to contribute to the reduction of inflammation and composed of healing compounds to prevent illness, skin conditions, dandruff, acne, muscle and joint pain. Oregano can be infused in a carrier oil of your choice and presented in salves, handmade soaps, tinctures and diffuser's.

When using oregano for healing, bath and body products, or taken orally, consider diluting in carrier oil or another form of solvent such as Vodka, vegetable glycerin or apple cider vinegar. The information is based on research and not intended to suggest this herb will treat, cure or prevent a final result or outcome. If you are pregnant or nursing, speak to your physician before ingesting or applying to the skin for yours and the safety of the baby.

Listing is for one recycled tube container with red gingham pattern drawstring tie bag for gift giving
Net weight of herb 11 grams