Dried Artichokes

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Dried Artichokes

Dehydrated artichokes are one of the most beautiful dried vegetables. Handpicked, cleaned, prepared and heated for over 10 hrs. For crafting and decorating purposes all year round. Decorate the dining table with the different varieties and sizes. Create a centerpiece. Gift wrapped and proud to display.

Each year around this time I bake a different combination of fresh fruit and vegetables and with trial and error they just keep getting better and better. Time consuming as they may be, I absolutely adore using them in handmade floral arrangements, soap making, holiday garland, potpourri, gracing a fabulous soup bowl and much more.

As a youngster, my family often made artichokes as a part of our main course. The kids run away as soon as they see one on the table, but if you can pin them down long enough, I have not seen one denied yet. Once you show the little ones how they can be cooked and eaten, they are up for the challenge and become interestingly amused.

The artichoke is the *Grand Poobah” of delicacies. In the 16th Century is has been written that only men were offered such a food. Woman were off limits to this aphrodisiac as the folk law that was thought to enhance physical attraction and forbidden for woman to consume. All I can say is they put a smile on my face and I lick my lips while the aroma steeps from the pot, but that’s as far as I go. We will have NON OF THAT here as I took the time to bake them therefore I would love to share them with you.

Gifts handmade with love from natural ingredients.

All items created by White Dormouse Artisan Soaps come from a CLEAN, ORGANIZED AND SMOKE FREE environment.

As a SAFETY PRECAUTION careful preparation has been taken into consideration from hand and surface sanitizing, to washing the skin of the vegetable to the sterilization of utensils, bowls, cutting boards, dehydrator racks and dehydrator machine.

All vegetables are hand picked and any produce that doesn’t pass the inspection upon purchase and during preparation, is not used to dehydrate or bake in the oven nor is it sold to customers.

Dehydrated and oven baked fruit and vegetables are heated for hours at a time to make sure the texture is dry. The items are sold and packaged carefully, but recommended they be removed from packaging upon purchase to sit in the open air where they will continue to dry over time. They make perfect décor and I’m sure anyone would be proud to display them.

Listing is for 1 dried artichoke
Net weight 1.8 oz. Height from 3" to 3.5" Width 3 to 3.5"