Garden Strawberry Crochet Kitchen Towel

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Garden Strawberry Crochet Kitchen Towel

Bright and delicious, plump strawberry kitchen towel designed with white snowcapped cotton, bordered with spring green stitches and sixteen assorted crocheted strawberries that can be viewed front and back. This handmade towel is more than enough for use as a drying cloth, bathroom décor towel, kitchen cloth, small table runner or for display.

I adore how this design resembles the peel of lemons and has its own unique pattern and flow. A garden cloth perfect for spring and generating a lot of attention with refreshing colors of crisp candy apple strawberries, leafy green stems and changing green tones for the boarder. A hearty decorative towel that works well in just about any area of the home.

The Spring and summer are welcoming times for new beginnings. The season to plan weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and open the home for housewarming. Handmade crocheted cloths and towels make perfect gifts. Along with the sweetest card and some handcrafted soap that are also available in our artisan shop. It’s easy to create a small gift basket all on your own in just minutes.

Perfect to set out for guests upon arrival with a few small luxury items to welcome their stay. Large enough to handle the drying of all the crockery and strong enough to handle tough jobs as well. A versatile design, medium weight, soft, absorbent USA grown cotton.

Directions for Washing: Red yarn has been pre-washed before use to avoid transferring color. For machine wash: place crochet towel in a netted drawstring bag, gentle cycle, cool water to avoid disturbing strawberries. For hand wash options: soak in cool water. Squeeze excess water out, roll in towel, reshape, lay flat on dry towel and air dry. Do Not tumble dry. Do Not dry clean or bleach. Do not use this towel to clean with chemicals that may discolor the red and green colors. Do not use towel to remove makeup as the bright white may discolor with makeup removal.

Measures: Length 25” Width 14” Net weight 7.7 oz. 100% Cotton

All items created by White Dormouse Artisan Soaps come from a CLEAN, SMOKE FREE, PET FREE environment.