Little Angel Crochet Baby Blanket

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Little Angel Crochet
Baby Blanket

The blessing of a new little one is so special creating unforgettable memories and new beginnings. Warm, cozy socks, a little jumper, the aroma of soothing bath water and rocking chair lullabies. Handmade gifts made with extra love and care that are cherished for years to come.

Angel white, baby blue, sun-kissed yellow and mint green, 8 independent stitches, made with chunky baby yarn 80% acrylic 20% polyamide. Durable, simple care, medium weight, sturdy and yet soft and comfortable. Multi-use, activity blanket providing a cushioned clean surface for picture taking, car seat, chilly days out for a stroll, thicker option for keeping toddlers warm, snuggling blanket and large enough to use even after their first steps up to second year.

Gift giving handmade crochet items for any occasions is comforting, trusted, meaningful and specifically chosen just for that person. A one-of-a-kind, thoughtful gesture that is truly appreciated.

Measuring 35” in height and 46” wide. Machine wash gentle cycle on cold or warm, mild detergent, tumble dry on medium heat or lay flat to dry. Do not bleach or iron.

Listing is for 1 baby blanket
Net wt. 2.9 oz.

All items created by White Dormouse Artisan Soaps come from a CLEAN, SMOKE FREE, PET FREE environment.